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The World At Large – a Megaworld player’s guide to character creation

Megaworld campaign setting takes place on Earth, although an alternate reality of the Earth we know. On the surface it is similiar to our own world in many ways, places, people, things are all the same as the modern day world we live in. But the commonality end’s there.

Freak’s and Mutant’s exist and are accepted as a fact of life by the general populace of Earth.

Magic is another accepted fact, however Magick is not.

Superscience also exists but most average people don’t have access to it.

Lost Civilizations such as Mu, Atlantis, Lemuria, etc.. are often thought of as nothing more than fiction and not historical fact.

If Alien’s exist few if any have ever come forward to make such claims. The general populace doesn’t believe being’s from other world’s reside on earth, instead most people believe those claiming to be alien’s are actually just Freak’s.

Scientific speculation theorizes the possibility of Alternate Dimensions but no hard fact’s exist to support those theories.

Time Travel is another scientific theory with little hard data to support it’s validity.

Main Page

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